Labrador Signal + Feedback

Transparent and useful online disclosures for your investors, rich information about reader behavior for you.

Argyle Corner Office

Corner Office is Argyle’s secure hub to facilitate communication and host files including calendars, assets, and other project resources.

Argyle VSION Documents

Argyle VSION Documents: Secure, cloud-based content management leveraging Microsoft® tools

Communicating Workforce Diversity

A look at how S&P 100 companies meet EEO-1, GRI, and SASB requirements on workforce gender and racial/ethnic diversity.

Argyle Content Station

Argyle Content Station; manage, edit and publish annual reports, CSR reports, proxy statements and more with an intuitive and powerful collaborative online portal.

Argyle Interactive Documents

Learn how Argyle makes online reporting simpler, more effective and less expensive

Tips to design your proxy statement and implement graphics in Wdesk

As a Workiva Partner, Argyle makes design in Workiva simple

Argyle Disclosure Database: Sample Database Search Results for 2019 Proxy Hot Topics (HCM, ESG, Diversity, Cybersecurity…)

Run on-demand benchmarks and dive deeper into peer disclosures to review trends and best practices

Argyle Disclosure Database

Argyle Disclosure Database: Search, benchmark and review Annual Reports, Sustainability Reports and Proxy Statements.

Use Microsoft Office® to prepare impactful disclosures with Argyle

Use Microsoft Office® to prepare impactful disclosures with Argyle